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Major Evolution of specialty referral patterns

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Most industry experts believe that over 50% of the $25 billion/year in specialty services are expected to be rendered “in-house” within GP offices over the next 10 years. Continued consolidation by DSO’s will force remaining independent offices to integrate specialties to remain competitive with other one-stop multi specialty centers

Keep Patients and Profits in house


Improve continuity of care to patients.

Collaborate with you specialists.

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Increase Patient Satisfaction

We value each client and always respond to feedback throughout our cooperation.


Generate passive income

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Why CSS: Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

Clinical Support

Clinical Support

Board certified/eligible dental specialists and specialty trained RDAs.

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Onsite Operational Support

Treatment planning, scheduling, billing, medical screening, marketing, and more. 

Supplies And Equipment

Supplies & Equipment

All necessary supplies and equipment required to render high quality care. 

Why Dental Offices Prefer CSS?

While many general dental practices provide a full range of general, preventative and cosmetic services, they still refer our most specialty cases across most specialties. CSS allows general dentist practices to retain the majority of specialist referrals in-house, resulting in significant improvements in quality and patient satisfaction, while also improving patient retention, overall case acceptance and enabling new sources of passive income.

While Many General Dental Practices Provide

Benefits of a Traveling Specialist FRom css

One aspect of dental care that many patients dislike is having to travel from one location to another for a specific treatment. In many cases, the general practitioner will have to send the patient somewhere else for a specific procedure. Instead, we can help them hire a specialist to provide the necessary treatment.

Patient retention allows a practice to build a solid income of patients who will return for regular checkups and other oral health needs. However, patients are less likely to seek a professional practice that only offers general dentistry services. By working with us, we can help introduce these general practices with specialists to help provide patients with more services.

The specialists will also be able to gain more work and the chance to practice their specialty at a specific location. In some cases, the specialist will become a permanent part-time member of the practice.

We take the time to help a general practice search for a specialist and vice versa. We will match the specialist with the dental background a practice needs. It can be difficult to find the time to properly search for a specialist. We can ease the process by searching through our team of specialists and finding one that meets your needs.

Another benefit for our general dentists is that we provide the equipment when we send our specialists to a practice. 

If a practice decides to take a different avenue or it is not working out, we are here to help provide support. We will continue to provide the necessary support to help the general practice find the right specialist and help the specialist find the right practice.


Dental practices and traveling specialists are both able to benefit from working together. When a dental practice decides to use the services of a traveling specialist they are able to keep their patients in-house. This is not only preferable for their patients since they tend to feel safer and more comfortable having any specialty services done in-house, it is also going to lead to an increase in revenue.

Taking a day off every now and again is also going to be easier for the dentist, which is helpful when it comes to reducing stress. A few specialty services that dentists may search for include:

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Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, IV Sedation, Extractions, Implants

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Implants, Periodontal disease and maintenance, Grafting, Crown Lengthening

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Most Children and Teenagers can clinically benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment

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Root canal Treatment, Apicoectomy, Retreatments

General practice owners that partner with CSS retain over 35% of specialist collections with zero upfront financial investment. In addition to boosting practice valuation, these incremental earnings can be used to pay down debt, expand & improve offices, reinvest in marketing and staff, and more.