Dental Specialists

Why CSS: Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To

Clinical Support

Clinical Support

Board certified/eligible dental specialists and specialty trained RDAs.

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Onsite Operational Support

Treatment planning, scheduling, billing, medical screening, marketing, and more. 

Supplies And Equipment

Supplies & Equipment

All necessary supplies and equipment required to render high quality care. 

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Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, IV Sedation, Extractions, Implants

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Implants, Periodontal disease and maintenance, Grafting, Crown Lengthening

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Most Children and Teenagers can clinically benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment

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Root canal Treatment, Apicoectomy, Retreatments

You Desire A Highly Productive

As a specialist, you desire a highly productive and stress-free practice environment. The traditional model of dental specialist services is quickly evolving with more general dentist offices seeking to become multi-specialty practices, combined with increased patient expectations for one-stop convenience for all of their dental services. Complete Specialty Solutions is focused on creating the best possible opportunity for dental specialists — one in which specialists can maximize their productivity and earnings potential, with zero up front investment or other burdens related to staff recruitment, referral network development, credentialing, billing and other administrative tasks.

Fortunately, we can help. If you are a dental specialist searching for the best opportunities to practice your specialty, we are the solution you need. At Complete Specialty Solutions, we can help traveling specialists find high quality general dentist practices who need specialty services on a regular basis. There are many benefits that come with being a traveling specialist, including but not limited to maximizing your earnings potential and delivering a superior patient experience in a synergistic partnership with general dentists.

No matter what your dental specialty may be – oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and more – there is a dental practice that will benefit from your specialty services. The first step is to contact us.

CSS can help traveling dental specialists by connecting them with a dental practice that is not only going to benefit from their services but one that is also going to be an ideal match for them based on multiple factors. Since there are many dental practices in need of traveling dental specialists, it is more a question of knowing who to partner with and how to best structure and optimize the overall relationship — which includes clinical, operational and administrative components which the CSS team manages as part of our turn-key integrated approach.

We connect our employees with clients who want to offer their patients a wider range of dental services. This way, you do not have to pull your hair out trying to find a practice in need of your services or settle for something less than what you can perform. As a company, we have the skills and knowledge to:

Establish a quality focused clinical environment with proven operational protocols
Streamline communication between general dentist office and specialists on treatment
Optimize earning potential with support of operations managers
We are able to find the best opportunities for traveling dental specialists, while providing the guidance and direction necessary for a smooth transition into a new position. Contact us today to learn more!

With a growing demand for general dental practices needing specialists, we can help you find the ideal location that helps you practice your specialty. Dental practices that do not have a large in-house team are beginning to recognize multiple advantages of hiring a traveling dental specialist and are looking into their available options.

We offer our employees several benefits to help them practice. One benefit of working with us is that there are no overhead expenses. We provide the equipment the specialist needs. This way, you are able to arrive at the specific practice and begin the procedure without worrying about dragging large amounts of equipment around each day. Another benefit is that we supply the patients.

We can also help you choose to work within a certain area for the same dental practices or travel to different cities and work for different dental practices. You will be able to make a living practicing the dental specialty you love.

If you are a specialist searching for work, you do not need to worry about this after hiring us. When we assign you to a practice that needs your specialty, the practice will already have patients in need of your services.

We can also help a specialist find multiple locations in different areas with patients who need the specific services. With this in mind, many traveling specialists enjoy being able to visit new locations and practice the dental specialty they love. You also will not be dependent on the rate of patients needing special services at one location.

Many dental practices are looking to add a traveling oral surgeon to their in-house team. Oral surgeons specialize in fixing complex dental issues that involve both facial and jaw structures, while also being able to treat a number of chronic conditions. If you are an oral surgeon, then we can help connect you with a practice that needs your abilities.

Many dental practices are looking to add a traveling orthodontist to their in-house team. Orthodontists are able to add additional value to a dental practice because they are specifically trained in figuring out the best ways to treat teeth alignment problems and jaw repositioning problems.

Many dental practices are looking to add a traveling periodontist to their in-house team. Periodontists specialize in the prevention of, diagnosis of and treatment of periodontal diseases. Thus, periodontists are an essential part of a team of dental professionals when it comes to creating the best treatment plan for dental patients.

Many dental practices are looking to add a traveling endodontist to their in-house team. An endodontist has been specifically trained to save teeth. This means that they are able to diagnose why a patient is experiencing tooth pain as well as treat the pain, which may include performing a root canal. Call us for more information or to begin the path toward a more lucrative career option today.